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Third International Conference on Arts and Technology

March 21–23, 2013 | Milano, Italy

Full papers - presentations

[Exhibiting Poetry in Public Places Using a Network of Scattered QR Codes]( presented by Theodoros Papatheodorou

[Towards Novel Relationships between the Virtual and the Real in Augmented Reality]( presented by Hanna Kathrin Schraffenberger

[Social exploration of 1D games]( presented by Andrea Valente

[Subway: Activist Performance through Mediation]( - [PPT version]( - presented by Andrew Quitmeyer

[Modeling Interaction in Rehearsals]( - [keynote version]( - presented by Søren R Frimodt‐Møller

[Encoded Thoughts: Writing Code as an Art Practice]( presented by Evangelina Sousa

[The Soundwalker in the Street: Location-based Audio Walks and the Poetic Re-imagination of Space]( presented by Micky van Zeijl

[Giving Robots a Voice: A Kineto-Acoustic Performance]( - [video]( - presented by Ralf Hoyer

Student posters

[DJing Information – A Model of Interaction]( presented by Dan Norton

Exhibition sessions - presentations

[Which is your brass voice?: Using Artificial Intelligence to Produce an Interactive Light and Sound Artwork]( - [video]( - presented by Claudio Benghi and Gloria Ronchi

[VLAB4DVISIONS Project K.1 DIY interactive 3D device]( - [videos]( - presented by Francesca Mereu

OPTICKS and Visual Moonbounce - [performance 1]( - [performance 2]( presented by Daniela De Paulis